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Bailey's Skin Rescue

Protect your pet's paws this winter with all-natural Bailey's Skin Rescue for rough, dry paws!

Are your pet's paws dry and cracked? Winter conditions can be tough on your dog's paws. Salt, sand, ice and snow can take their toll, leading to painful cracks and rough, dry pads.

Not to worry, you can keep your furry friend's paws soft, supple and pain-free during the cold winter months with Bailey's Skin Rescue!

  • Bailey's Skin Rescue is a great, all natural paw soother that's safe to use on ALL your furry friends
  • Includes Tea tree and lavender essential oils - known for their anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-viral properties - to help with inflammation
  • Acidophilus in a special cream base helps protect and soothe painful, cracked pads 
  • Can also be used to protect sensitive sniffers from snow and ice!

How to use:
To protect your pet's paws, apply a thin layer to your dog's paws before going out. 
To soothe and soften: Clean your pet's paws with a warm, wet cloth. Apply a thin layer of Bailey's Skin Rescue and massage gently into your pet's paws. 

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