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It's our mission to encourage pet owners to take greater responsibility for their animal companion’s health through the use of natural, organic products and a raw dehydrated food diet. 

Hi, I'm Maureen Tate, animal lover and owner of PAWS4Health.

I've had many dogs in my life, but it wasn't until we adopted Queen Kali the Awesome Airedale that I truly understood just how much I needed dogs in my life. Eighteen months after we brought our Kali-girl home, we adopted her full sister, Princess Kori, after she'd been abused and returned to the breeder. At the time I was also involved in Airedale Rescue and as part of that, I foster failed the Dutchess - Dutchie for short - a sweet little five-year-old Airedale.

I lost them all to cancer. 

THAT’S when I really got passionate about natural/organic, raw pet food and supplements. I wanted answers. I wanted to know why my beloved poochies had died so young. So, I researched pet food and canine cancer. And I found out kibble and the crap sold in stores could very well have been the death sentence for my dogs.

I tried a number of diets for my poochies after that and we finally settled on raw, fresh frozen meat - the closest to what they eat in the wild. I was so passionate about it, I started my own company to sell it! In fact, I was the first person to bring fresh frozen Canadian-made raw pet food into Nova Scotia.

I sold that part of the business in 2012. We’d had a power outage and I wanted something... less prone to spoilage. I hit the internet and started researching. Which is how I came across raw dehydrated pet food: All the health benefits of frozen raw dog food, but in a convenient kibble-like format! My dogs love it, though, which was the true test.

With the exception of my love of chocolate (any chocolate!), I’ve mostly embraced the no chemical, all natural life for myself and my family (furry and not so furry!), too. I’m all about the organic and nitrate -, nitrite-free, free range, grass fed, etc. Since I’m over 80, and feel better than I did in my 50s, I’m convinced that adding more natural, less chemical-laden products into our -- and our pets! -- lives is the way to go!


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