About Us

For many years my mission has been to encourage pet guardians to take greater responsibility for their animal companion’s health by using natural, holistic and organic products and a raw diet. Knowledge is power and the wealth of knowledge available to us pertaining to health is remarkable.

Even though I have had many dogs in my life, it wasn't until I adopted Kali that I truly realized just how much I needed her.  She was my queen.  Eighteen months later I adopted her full sister, Kori, she was my princess and quite different from her sister and life was quite wonderful. Then because I was involved with Airedale rescue on a national level I took in a little five year old girl whose name was Duchess.  She became my third Airedale. This was my royal family, all girls, tragically all died of cancer. It became my passion to learn as much as I could about cancer in dogs knowing that I can't control the external environment but I can control what I put in and on their bodies.

From nutrition, to vaccines and to diseases that are of epidemic proportions we have the right to be part of the solution, to voice our concerns over suggested treatment and to consider alternatives to steroids, vaccines, antibiotics and the like in the treatment of our animal companions.

Alternative therapies such as herbal medicines, aromatherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, and massage can be adjuncts to your veterinary care.