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Fresh Breath by TropiClean Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel for Dogs

Does your dog's breath smell bad?

Like, REALLY bad?

Let's face it, for many and various reasons, sometimes our pet's breath can get a little... stinky. And while it'd be great if their wee little paws could wield an electric toothbrush for a full two minutes followed by a thorough flossing, our feeling is that's not going to happen any time soon.

We don't often think about why our dogs' breath smells so bad - seems pretty obvious after an hour-long butt licking. 

But the fact is, just like us humans, dogs need oral care. Given everything they lick, chew, bite, etc., in the run of a day, there might be more behind your doggo's smelly breath than the poopsicle he ate at the park this morning... 

That's where Fresh Breath by TropiClean Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel comes in.

This handy gel formula helps remove plaque and tartar while freshening your doggo's breath - making it easier to forget where that tongue has been when it's time for cuddles and kisses!

Even better, no brushing or flossing required!

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