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Dog Blog

This is my first attempt to do a blog.  Not sure how it will play out but but it will be about the things that I am most passionate about , DOGS and dog health, books that I read and that I think are important, my business  PAWS4Health and my new business which I hope to soon get off the ground.


Today is going to be about me.  Born and raised in Alberta, graduated high school, worked at the Bank of Montreal main branch as receptionist and switchboard operator.  You know the kind of switchboard where you pressed two little toggle buttons,( not sure what they were called as it is a long time ago.  From there to nursing school.  Six months in my Aunt who was head nurse on a men's urology floor was attacked by a patient, nearly died and because of how she was treated by the medical profession I left.  Worked as a bookkeeper at a dry cleaning company.


March 1958 an add in the paper saying that a WREN would be in Edmonton and was interested in recruiting females for a new trade that was opening up.  The big draw was a 6 week course in Key West Florida.  Who in there right mind would turn down an adventure like that and so a friend and I signed up.   After the course we were sent to SHelburne.  The watch station which was joint American/Canadian was being turned over to Canada and females were recruited to fill the positions left by the americans.  From there I went to HMCS Stadacona and worked in the dockyard with the Aireforce.  Got married in '59, pregnant in '60.  Those days women could not stay in the service if pregnant.  Raised 3 daughters and here I am today.