GAYLE & JJ's Story

Recently returned from a 12 day visit to High River, Alberta to visit my hubby who is working out there. Took my English Springer Spaniel, 'JJJones' too. She attended the Springer National Specialty Show @ Spruce Meadows, as well.
Thanks to Maureen, I learned about the dehydrated raw dog food, SMACK. As a RAW feeder, I wanted a convenient complimentary food for 'JJ' that I could use while staying out there that would be easy to prepare for a raw fed dog, on the road. This food was PERFECT!!!
During that whole time, 'JJ' ate every SMACK meal and never had a tummy upset. And even upon returning & going back to her usual raw diet, there hasn't been any problems. This is a great & complete food, for folks considering switching to raw but without all the hassle.
I am, a very happy customer!!! Thank you, Maureen.